I'm a big fan of adventure. Discovered it once in 1994 as a kid. Since then he has been moving, falling over and traveling to great heights.

Some believe I might be from the fourth dimension or know where the rabbit hole goes. You might have even met me in a past life.

In the 00s, I made things for the retail industry and fell into a deep depression. It made his heart sad. Since then, he has helped brave people including UAP, One Roof Women and YGAP to make bold things happen.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or (heaven for bid) Linkedin.

I’ve lived in Victoria, Queensland, and briefly, Canada. I currently live in Melbourne and feel very fortunate to do so.

I still don’t have a plan. But I continue to love the culmination of light and sound that comes together during this experiment we call life.

Contact Sammy

You can email me at sammy@sammyhayyy.com or try to catch me on Instragram or Twitter. If you send me something on Facebook or Linkedin I probably won’t even see it (because who has time for friends or work colleagues).

If you’d like to send me something, email me and I might send you my address.(but don't bank on this)


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Thanks to all of the friends, family and fools over the years who have lent their energy and perspective to this project.

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