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If you’ve had your ear close to the ground and noticed anything about this new bubble of startups - think Google, Facebook, Uber, AirBnB the list could go on and on.

They are obsessed with metrics or measures that are the barometers of success from the data they collect about EVERYONE & EVERYTHING that happen to conduct part of their lives on the internet.

Now away from the internet, this is also true for each of our own lives.

As there are often key indicators that we can use to measure our own success. Have we lost weight? Did I just blow the projected 2017 fiscal year budget? How did I do with those 10,000 steps today?

[Italicized Bracketed Interlude No1 [If you have been using a mobility tracking device, have you thought to question why 10,000 steps: is the default goal? It basically boils down to the round number of 10,000 being an auspicious number in Japanese culture, rather than the legitimate health implications!

If nothing else having these very high-level details can be helpful in navigating the constantly changing sea of information.

However, to derive anything meaningful from the collected data - there needs to be a consistent stream. Assessing something once and then forgetting about it is not going to help you or anyone else for that matter to become better versions of themselves.

As the musician, Nick Cave - so eloquently explained during the recording of his new album ‘ What we do want is modifications on the original model. We get to keep on being ourselves, but just hopefully better versions of ourselves’.

Which is sort of the point!

By consistently assessing something be it our physical strength or the part of our lifestyle, we can start to take the guesswork out of the equation.

To demonstrate this fact, please give a big warm welcome to the bullseye.

It’s a simple exercise that is easy to do, but as with all personal, lifestyle analysis can become quite confronting to witness. Often this happens when we allow #realtalk to transpire.

So how does this work?

Essentially you distil down on four areas 'of the life’ (e.g physical, mental, emotional, intuition etc. ) that you would like to reflect upon (one for each quadrant). As with archery, the aim is to get to the centre and each ‘X’ is the current location in that particular 'area of life’.

Remember as with most frameworks to be easy on yourself, this is a 'thought for analysis’ exercise rather than admonishment. You can rank them if it helps to quantify the act, but at this high-level, we feel it promotes a narrow view or perspective on the act.

This is a very subjective measure by any means, but it allows you to scope out the present situation and if done with increasing frequency can uncover insights that might have been hidden in the day to day of life.

Obviously, to identify the friction in any area of your life, it will require a deeper dive than that of a bullseye.

However, it’s an excellent framing tool and often the difference between rising above adversity and allowing it to consume us is the way we frame the question.

Sammy Haywood

This blog is mostly written by me - Sammy Haywood (a part time human and full time explorer) for a new breed of human. So, I made this piece of the internet. #yolo and all.

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