What I'm doing now

I’m home in Melbourne, Australia. It’s summer.


  • Fitness Everywhere - helps the modern human integrate the five models of health.
  • Functional Flexibility - helping you function better through flexibility
  • Bibliotecha - Bringing together the art form of a silent disco and mixing it with your local library.
  • Acacia Tech - Helping to tell 'insightful' design stories through pixel and pen.
  • Pathways Podcast - Conversations about pivotal moments with everyday people life you and me.
  • Pavrr - helping you liberate your work life.


(And, as usual, I’m sorry but I’m saying no to everything else.)

This update was February 26th, 2017.

What I've been doing previously

AltMBA8, Make A Strangers Day, Hop, Skip & Jump, Green Ant Marketing Fitzroy Academy, Active Display, State of Design UAP,