The struggle is real

We often start out under a guise or assumption that the world around us was crafted for our own happiness.

At least this is the mirage or story that has been offered to us. By the charming salespeople or evocative storyteller. By sticking like glue to this image of the world, and continuing to lick our favourite flavour of ice cream. We lose track of the way it is.

Now is the time to resist this lie, to resist the bull shit.

Since, there is a gargantuan tussle being wagered in and around each and everyone of us. Some call this ‘The Dip’, others prefer the term ‘Tension’, my preference is for the phrase - ‘The Struggle’.

Each experience increases the expectation of the struggle ahead and often the ways to bypass it.

The struggle is by its very nature unpredictable, yet has edges and outcomes that are known. No service? It will reconnect. Gotten fired? It’s time to upskill. Heartbreak? It’s time to learn how to swim by oneself.

Sometimes it will come strolling. Sometimes it will come running along - yet the struggle will always catch up with us.

Many people find ‘the struggle’ stressful. It is at times for me too. While we all handle the stressors in our lives in different ways. The commonality is that it amplifies our own inherent responses. Strenuous situations often become a reflection of our true selves - whether you’re full hearty, egotistical or open minded.

The more visceral a struggle, the more likely it will saw through the muscle and hit the bone. As we often go to a place of our own darkness. Offered the opportunity to be ground down into powder, if we should listen to the siren calls.

Yet, it is from this moment of hardship, if we come up for air. We have the opportunity to re-examine this notion. To place this under a different light, to almost see it for the first time.

‘Anything that gives light, must be able to go through the flames’
Ethan Hawke - Rules of a Knight

To prompt us to take stock and instead nurture the best of intentions. Taking with us the lessons learned and to adjust our course if only one degree at a time.

Remember for whatever the situation, the struggle is not fixed, it is permeable.

Stay soft.


Photo Cred: nikko macaspac

Sammy Haywood

This blog is mostly written by me - Sammy Haywood (a part time human and full time explorer) for a new breed of human. So, I made this piece of the internet. #yolo and all.

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