Often when we become embedded in creating something new, it can be easy to lose sight of the undercurrent and overtones that help us to create in the first place.

Hence, instead of sharing something new - I felt to share something old by folks that are inspiring me in one way of another. In essence, my own undercurrent or overtone, if viewed in the right way.

Willow Smith - Female Energy (Music Video)

I've little to no idea who did the production and hadn't heard any previous Willow Smith efforts. Reportedly some of them are pretty horrendous . Yet, this combination works on so many levels. Thanks for the tip @honoreastly

Kiasmos - Kiasmos

Minimal Icelandic Electronica. Sign me up.

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight

‘You are remembered, he said, prophetically, for the rules you break.’

As a general rule, most current memoirs are at best mediocre and most memoirs that involve the world of business are even worse.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight is an exception to that rule.

Ostensibly this is a memoir about the main driving force behind Nike. However, it’s really the story of a kid trying to find the usual things in life meaning, belief and growth. It just so happens this journey involves creating a multi-billion dollar company that changes sports forever.

His personal touches are all over the book and the book itself showcases the heart that originally willed his simple running obsession into something much larger and grander.

If nothing else the afterwards is worth reading – as it showcases an incredibly moving reflection of a man looking back on his life and all that has been said and done.

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