To scale or to influence, sometimes that is the question.

From the outside looking in. The process of creation can seem to be mysterious, an almost transient experience. One that appears out of thin air or between trips to the shower.

Those of us who identify with the label of creators are often plugged into or attuned to the wider world. In a way that prompts a set of questions by playing with the fragments that remain around us. Until, it is all seen in the right light to reveal our grand vision from the shadows of our psyche.

Yet, it is often the curiosity and exploration in this process that leaves a question behind.

Where would you like to start - with scale or with influence?

Particularly, if the creative vision will result in a dance with the devil. Otherwise, known as the world of commerce. Otherwise known as business. Otherwise known that place where I have to charge for my grand vision once it is out of my head.

This question is not meant to stop us in our tracks, it is meant to help. To allow us to focus on the battle we should invariable want to fight. As opposed to the battle we start fighting and realise we don’t appreciate. Since, you will have to fight. It is one of the only guarantees if you want your grand vision to continue to breathing.

It’s often when we do start out, we are creating the thing because we enjoy creating the thing. That is our currency - the act of creation. Yet, to continue the act of creation we will need to make a choice between that of scale or that of influence. In this decision we are making a choice between two different currency model.

Think of it as though you have flown to country for the first time and they have two sets of conventional money. One is a convertible note equal to that of most global currencies and the other a national note. Should you be staying at a host of hotels and dining at tourist style restaurants. It makes sense to choose a note that will have most applications, hence the convertible note. But, should you be going off the beaten track where there is little outside influence. The national note would be more fitting.

If we bring this back to the idea of scale. We are in a golden age of people creating things particularly with the aid of the internet i.e startups. This has brought with it a wash of funding, analytics and reach. Should you be changing an entire vertical or platform, this would feel to be the right path. Yet, by doing this we can get sucked into a vortex of relationships. That have been built on the wrong foundations of pricing and promises.

But, when you do want to do something that doesn’t look as though it will scale. You open yourself up to the intimate details, to space, to an extraordinary experience. You have the opportunity to create something for the memory bank. This might mean charging a higher price or making your creation a rarified commodity. It might also bring to bare the naysayers who want something for nothing.

It is not too say you can’t change your mind and adopt one thought and then change to the other. That’s part of the human condition. Yet, by thinking in these terms at the start of the journey you at least get a say in the way proceeding happen.

Something to ponder,


P.S All of that can feel a little abstract, so I thought to include a list of people putting principle into action:

Somethings that needed influence first -

Something that needed scale first -

P.P.S Feel free to suggest others, as no man is an island and I don’t assume to know it all.

P.P.P.S This thought bubble was originally seeded whilst listening to this podcast

Photo Cred: Sebastien Gabriel

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