We are moving.

Our mood is often shaped by the endeavor to observe, track and try to make sense of change we see. It’s as though, we try to climb up to the summit, to take a moment of pause, and gaze into the infinite view.

Yet, in the past few days away from the smell of the big smoke, that perspective has morphed. To see this less as change, but more as movement.

It’s quite easy, to feel as though we are standing on a singular turning point. Or so we are led to believe.

Yet, on a very basic level, we’ve always been facing this ‘point’. Our lives continue to evolve and remake themselves. Throwing up the complicated, intriguing and mysterious. So it is our role to gain a greater understanding of this phenomena.

To move past the thinking that holds fast to some idea of my (or our) own world. To look away from the banks of the rivers and the bridges that connect the points within us. To focus on the river itself – the whole reason that everything else continues to flow.

This type of thought is not for everyone. But, it might be for you.

Super fancy photo from @jmdsalgado

Sammy Haywood

This blog is mostly written by me - Sammy Haywood (a part time human and full time explorer) for a new breed of human. So, I made this piece of the internet. #yolo and all.

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