You are more powerful than you think.

Welcome to the age of leverage. A moment in time when each of us has more tools, more reach and more impact than a head of state did a hundred years ago.

Each of us has the skills and insight and power to see what’s happening around us, to create new ideas, and most of all, to change the way others respond and act.

With this power, of course, comes the responsibility to actually do something with it.

At the same time that individuals have been handed the power to make an extraordinary change, a second law is working just as hard. Seth Godin

If you're interested you can join me for a brief two-hour session, as I delve into a brief primer on how to do the work that matters. During this session, I'll showcase the principles and my experience from the recent AltMBA8 cohort he participated in during February 2017 (so it’s totes fresh in his mind)

What's gonna happen?

A simple three-part approach to every situation:

6:00 - 6:15PM - Rock Up

6:15 - 6:45PM - See what’s going on. Learn to notice. Determine where the assets are, the limits, the worldviews.

6:45 - 7:15PM - Assert what you seek to do. Tell a story that resonates. Make your claim, “here, I made this.”

7:15PM - 8:00PM - Change the system, the rules, the people around you. All good work revolves around change. If you’re not seeking to change something, no need to go to work today. But we hope you will.

Got it, but what’s the AltMBA?

Good question - here’s a little primer -

The altMBA is an online leadership and management workshop.

Founded in 2015 by bestselling author Seth Godin, the altMBA uses digital tools like Slack, WordPress and Zoom to engage more than 100 students in an intense four-week process. In 2016, students from 27 countries worldwide participated, with more students being added each session.


Want a taste, of what to come? Sure you do, you can watch me blabber on about a thing that I'll certainly talk about

A story about Feedback from Sammy Haywood on Vimeo.

Sammy Haywood

This blog is mostly written by me - Sammy Haywood (a part time human and full time explorer) for a new breed of human. So, I made this piece of the internet. #yolo and all.

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