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Recently whilst flipping through the latest edition of Dumbo Feather. It's about climate change, if that's your thing you should read it.

There was a passage that hit me like a metaphorical lightning bolt. On the surface, it didn't look akin to that of a lightning bolt. Yet the most powerful patterns and prompts rarely if ever look that way when we first encounter them. Often they look like toys, as showcased by this thing called the internet.

It comes from the very wise and affable Tim Smit. A man who helped to lay the foundations for the Eden Project. An educational charity that started life nestled in a huge crater. Today it houses a set of massive Biomes, in essence the largest captive rainforests in the world.

Whilst, I'd love to quote it word for word from the magazine itself. For the meantime it alludes me (if it does surface, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll update this next bit).

UPDATE: Magazine found

There are lots of phrases that should be killed. 'Our environment' is one. Talking about the environment in some vague way - also shit, but you can't help it if people talk about 'sustainability' in the same way. Meaningless phrase.

If we kill off the old phrases like 'sustainability,' 'environment,' what words should we use?

Well the words which I use a lot are:"resilience," "durability," "adaptibility." The truth is, as soon as they get picked up, they lose their power. It's like the word "social enterprise," in the moment politicians talk about it, they become neither sociable or enterprising.

His point being, that once the words start to become hijacked by bureaucracy or business. They begin a journey of erosion to their core function. Moving them away from the signal to that of the wider noise.

This is an interesting concept, particularly when focussed on industry that you may not wholeheartedly buy into on a deeper more meaningful level (capitalism anyone?).

So it is up to us. Those of us who wish to not play in the wrong sandpit. To choose our own words, rather than default to the words of others who have come before us.

It's as though the words, we use today become the mirror with which we will view the circumstance of tomorrow.

Sammy 'getting off his high horse' Haywood

P.S If you're looking for inspiration or a place to start. Then look no further than this fascinating twitter account by author Robert Macfarlane.

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